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Become a Customer

Becoming a customer is easy, In theory anyone over 18 years old can shop in our Cash & Carry, no registration is required and we love to see new faces, but remember we are a wholesaler and as such we tend to sell bulky catering packs and full cases of product unlike a supermarket that would sell domestic items individually. We also don't include VAT in our prices, instead we add the VAT as a seperate entry at the bottom of your invoice. This is because most of our customers are trade customers who need to see the VAT seperated from the costs of goods so they can claim said VAT back on their VAT return.

Interms of payment we take cash and most major credit and debt cards (except American Express) sorry we don't take cheques as payment.

Our Cash & Carry is a warehouse enviroment and as such there will be forklifts operating and large pallets of stock being moved around so we don't allow persons under the age of 18 to enter the premises without an adult for health & safety reasons. We would respectfully ask that adults keep their children under close supervision at all times.


Although we sell a wide range of Alchohol & Tobacco we are really strict on checking ID and apply the "Challege 25" rule so if you are lucky enough to look younger than 25 years old please bring your ID with you if you want to purchase Alcohol or Tobacco items. The only forms of ID we accept are a Driving License or Passport both of which must be indate and feature a photo and date of birth of the person wishing to purchase alcohol. We reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone without the need to give a reason.

Thats basically it, please feel welcome to pop in and have alook round and remember we love to see new faces....